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How you can Disable Windows 10 Update in serveral ways permentaly, as you knows Windows 10 has been removed disable features from its customization section in Control Panel > Update Settings. Well usualy it founds that from Windows July 2018 update in Windows Pro Version from Enterprise to Pro N and Workstation windows forcesly ask to update, but mostly Users don’t want to update at that moment becuase it takes alot of User Internet Resource Data inculding their Percious time.

Whenever you are forces to automatic update you will see somone of these update pop-up notification.

  • Install Update Automatiically
  • Check for Updates but let me choose wheather to download and install theme
  • Download Updates but choose when to install them.

In this case What will you do? Here we have some of following solutions.

How you Can Disbale Update Permentely

Follow the entire method to Disbale Windows 10 Update.

Method 1. Disbale Windows Update Service 

Before disbale the Windows Update Service understand this method while disabling the automatic update service it will temperarily stoped any Windows 10 Regular Updates from Miscrosoft, the services will re-enabled itself again after certaion period of time.

1.Press the windows logo key “Win+R” at the same time Run Box will be apear 

2. Type “Servcies.msc and then Press Enter.



3. Scroll down to and Double Click on Windows Update









4. In Startup type, Select Disbaled” Then Click Apply           Button and OK to save settings.













Note: As you can see i have disbaled permentenly windows update services you can re-enable it whenever you realized to update and when it is essential second thing you need to stop services status.

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If you prfer a one-click solution to disable the windows automatic update features you can get an very good and quick toool  which is EaseUS Tool M. with this tool you can disbale/entbale Windows Update , Repair hard drives, remove/enable write-protection and more within seconds.

How to use EaseUS Tool for disable Windows Update:

Step 1: Download EaseUS Tool M For free and install on your Computer/PC

EaseUS Tool M

Step 2.  Launch EaseUS Tool M and go to System Update Managment” on right side Bar.

Step 3.  The tool will detect the status of your Windows Update Service automatically. if Windows Update is currently enabled, click and Disbaled to stop services.

Step 4. If you want to check whether you have disabled the services automatically Go to Start Menu > Type Services >Right-click “Services” and Choose as “Run Adminsistrator”

Step 5. In the list of services, find and right-click “Windows Update” Go to “Properties” and check services status and you will notice that services has been stoped.

Hope these 2 methods will fix your issue, if you found any issue comments and ask your qury with me.

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